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Company Profile

KOVODRUŽSTVO v.d. Strážov is a 100% Czech company, which was founded in 1945. The company deals in manufacture of machines and components. Currently, the company employs 110 people. Export holds an approx. 65% share of the company´s total annual turnover. The main export destinations are other EU countries, Northern and Eastern Europe as well as to the U.S.A. and Canada. The company has held a certified ISO 9001 certification for quality control since 1997 issued by the British BSI company.

The main production program is the production of centrifugal (radial) fans, air-conditioning, industrial filters, grain dryers, garden tools and custom fabrication of steel structures, pressed and welded metal components made ​​of carbon and stainless steel.

Another task is to manufacture tailor-made goods according to the customer´s specifications. This is mainly the production of industrial cooling systems that are designed for cooling generators in power plants, production of hot water boilers, heat exchangers and steel structures.

KOVODRUŽSTVO v.d. Strážov is a modern and dynamic company that bases its success on the quality of its products and services, as well as on serious negotiation. We pride ourselves on taking our clients´requirements into account to develop and produce new products that meet strict economic and environmental criteria.