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Filter 80 RAV


  1. Use of the filter equipment
  2. Basic technical details
  3. Main connection dimensions

  1. The use of the filtration equipment. The filtration unit is designed for extraction and filtration of metallic and non-metallic dust and small particles. It is suitable for suction of dust arising from the various technological processes. The ability to use the filtration unit: must be consulted with the manufacturer. On this basis, a suitable filter membrane is chosen. The RAV filter 75 is designed to work in an environment without the danger of explosion when in normal temperatures of the surroundings ranging from -10 ° C to +40 ° C. Extractors are placed indoors or under shelter at least provide protection against the weather. The RAV filter 75 is equipped  with a system of regeneration by atmospheric air. This means that after a certain time the filter membrane will automatically be re-blown and thus cleaned.

  2. Description
    Installed input      - drive regeneration
                                 - sealing device (tourniquet)
                                 - auger ((displacement) from the filter)
    0,25 kW
    1,1 kW
    0,75 kW
    Main dimensions width x depth x height 3147x3034x3520 mm
    weight 1600,- kg
    Filtering surface 75 m2
    Maximum humidity of dust 8%
    Vacuum filter system consists of the RVI 630 high-pressure fan  15kW

    Fan type may vary based on the segmentation process line.

    Final concentration of solids at the outlet from the filter varies according to the load between 1-10mg/m3.

  3. Main connection dimensions