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Filter RTVP 56, 80


  1. Use of the filter equipment
  2. Basic technical details
  3. Main connection dimensions

  1. The use of the filtration system: the filtration system is designed for extraction and filtration of dry metallic and non-metallic dust and small particles. They are suitable for suction of dust arising from the various technological processes. The ability to use filtering equipment must be consulted with the manufacturer. On this basis, a suitable filter membrane is chosen. The RTVP filter is designed to work in an environment without the danger of explosion when temperatures range from -10 ° C to 40 ° C. Extractors are placed indoors or under shelter at least provide protection against the weather. Best in outdoor environment under a shed. The location of the investor decides on the basis of existing legislation. The device is equipped with an automatic cleaning with compressed air cartridges. This means that after a certain time it will automatically blow compressed air filter cartridge, and thus for its purification. If coarse material is sucked into the filter it can, under certain circumstances, lead to poor regeneration of the filter cartridge and the gradual clogging of the entire filter housing. The filter should therefore take in air devoid of coarse debris. As a first stage of filtration it is recommended to place a suitable separator before the filter.

    Example of use: extraction and filtration of cutting machines, suction filtration and transport routes in technological lines for agricultural holdings.

  2. Description
    Filter size RTVP 56 RTVP80
    Fan electromotor input  3 kW 7,5 kW
    Type of fans RVI 400 1N RVI 500 3N
    Main dimensions of the filter 1100x1100x3420 1600x1600x3860
    Weight 498 kg 702 kg
    Number of filter cartridges 4 6
    Filtering surface 56 86
    Air flow Volume  1-2 m3/s 1,5-3 m3/s
    Compressed air consumption for one regeneration of the entire filter cartridges 0,2 Nm3 0,3 Nm3

    Fan type may vary based on the segmentation process line.

    Final concentration of solids at the outlet of the filter varies according to the load between 1-10mg/m3.

  3. Main connection dimensions 

    RTVP 56

    RTVP 80