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The manufacture of airconditioning (AC) tubes and pipe

We produce all kinds of air conditioning and ventilation (AC) piping, standard and tailored to fit. There is no shaped ventilation component, which we are not able to produce - both square-shaped and circular profiles. The many years of experience we have in manufacturing has been put to use so we can capitalize on further work. We produce air conditioning tubes that are made to fit according to your specifications so as to fit your project .

We produce standard and atypical ducts:

  • rectangular air conditioning ducts
  • circular air conditioning ducts

For air conditioning and ventilation:

Group 1 rectangular ducts, either square or rectangular cross-section, including fittings (bends, elbows, splitters, taps)
We produce group 1 air conditioning tubes that  is intended for connections between the elements of air-conditioning systems, especially for ventilation and air-conditioning.
They are made from galvanized sheet or from black sheet with a modified surface.

For heavy duty operations:

Group II and III circular steel ducts.
Tubes in  groups II and III are designed for connection of individual elements of ventilation systems. We supply a wide range of group II and III piping in the relevant dimensions and parameters of the corresponding properties of the transported medium.