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 RAV and RTVP filters

Use of the product

The filter is designed for removing solid particles from carrier air. The shape and size of the particles is arbitrary, except when the particles are in the form of fibers. This case must be consulted with the manufacturer. The device can not be used for filtration of gases or explosive mixtures. In the standard version is not allowed to use the filter for cleaning gases or mixtures of chemically attacking the steel.
For filtration of air mass with temperatures above 90 ° C should be used to consult the manufacturer, the maximum temperature of air can then be up to 250 ° C.
filters can be connected in a vacuum or pressure within the range Ap ± 5000P.
Filters of all sizes can be freely added in parallel shifts to larger stations.
Automatic filters are part of the regeneration control device.
Using filters can be used in indoor and outdoor environments, the function is automatic.
Maintenance is limited to a visual inspection of the mechanical parts.

Filter specifications

In standard load outputs, filters achieve solids concentration of c = 5-10 mg/m3. Pressure drops and filtration efficiency is given by the conditions of the filter, individual cases must be consulted with the manufacturer.

Types of filters - designation

RAV - cleaning of the filter fabric is done by backwashing with  atmospheric air which is done using a set of butterfly valves driven by a small electric motor.

RTVP - cleaning of the filter cloth is done by compressed air, this is a composed system 

Extraction pelletizing lines

Newly introduced is the production of a complete solution for extraction in pelletizing lines including high-performance filtration equipment enabling the return of clean air back into the hall and back to the filtered material processing.