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Grains dryers

Repairs to the SSZ-2 grains dryer:

We are constantly producing spare parts for the SSZ-2 grain drier type ie. for parts right from fans to the drying tower elevators for transport, we even perform small repairs. The SSZ-2 drying  tower replaced the existing one, built on its foundations for a new type of dryer, the TS (see photo).

TS Hot air grain dryer:

TS dryers are hot-air dryers meant for drying all kinds of grains. These dryers are suitable mainly for the careful drying of foodstuff such as wheat, malting barley and seeds. They can dry beet to a high quality without loss and are suitable for drying maize. Even special material such as cumin, peas and beans can be dried with these dryers. Drying can be either in the normal, continual manner or using a dispensing system. TS dryers are designed to be installed in post-harvest production lines, they are equipped with pre-cleaning, storage silos and shipping of containers or permanent stock. These lines need equipment that enables automatic filling of grains into the dryer) for example a conveyor belt, which, on stopping, shuts the trap into the silo. The dryer distribution control is ready to be connected for input/output paths, whose operation are run by the dryer´s automated system

Basic dimensions:

TS5-065: 13,5m x 5,3m x 16,6m

We carry out repairs to the control cabinets of dryers manufactured by us